Nothing Beats Rock

Episode #2 and how to bake a cake...

Episode #2
Where we meet some deer, Sister May goes camping overnight, May bakes a cake, Fall’s establishment gets some unwelcome visitors and Ramirez breaks some orphans hearts…

Recipe for “Potato” cake
Peel and boil 1kg worth of potatoes
Rinse and mash potatoes
Add finely chopped mushrooms to mix to taste
Add plaster scraped from the walls to mix, taking care to remove any wallpaper or paint, this will help bind the mix and add body.

Threat Level increase -—-
Run counter measures—————-
Disable target one——-
Render optics Null and Void—————

Baked until the outside is crispy.
Leave to cool before icing

Immobilize target two———
Phys-shock ability online——-
Execute Phys shock at level two——-
Phys shock on recharge——-
Re-evaluate threat levels——-

For the icing boil 3-4 large onions and thoroughly mash into a paste, add a little moonshine for flavour.
Ice cake and decorate with the washed and fried potatoes skinks.

Session 1 Wrap-up

In attendance:
Fall – Maestro’D and proprietor of Paradise Lost
May13 – Brainer and barkeep
Ramirez – Quarantine
The Sister – Battlebabe and Orphanage Matron

Paradise Lost’s most troublesome customer, Been, approached Fall, complaining that he wasn’t getting a hit off the drugs anymore. Other patrons of the drugbar likewise started vomiting and shaking.
Fall quickly ordered Esko to break out her stash to placate the patrons and brought her chemist into be interrogated. He quickly let spill that Harridan the hardholder had confiscated all stock of the main ingredient, “cake”, that was being brought back by scav parties.

Ramirez and The Sister were out on their own scav mission to the West, opting to go through the Subway with two of The Sister’s proteges (Banzai and Chika) in tow, to train them up in survival.
In the tunnels, they were attacked by a carnivorous Sewer Deer, which batted away their sole light source. In the resulting confusion, Banzai was killed while Chika was dragged off screaming.
Ramirez eventually killed the deer in the dark while Mary tried to follow Chika’s voice.

With no way of finding The Sister easily, Ramirez hefted the bodies of Banzai and the deer and made his way back to the subway entrance, waiting there until the storm siren sounded from the Rock.
He made the decision to return to the Rock, and told the orphans about the death of Banzai and their missing protector. The girls were dismayed, as they were scared of being kidnapped by Momo the Slaver.

Meanwhile, The Sister eventually found Chika with an infected bite at a small encampment.
She caught a glimpse of a woman in battle fatigues before the figure darted off into the darkness.
Searching around the small camp, she found a pic of Ramirez and a figure with it’s face scratched out, plus a combat knife which she used to cut out the infection from Chika.

Fall and May13 met with Harridan, who informed Fall that the Cake was needed to make up for a shortfall in meds, and her supply would not be resumed until that was taken care of.
May13 was asked to confirm that Decks, the well operator, was not a spy for Switch, and also to protect him from some of the hardhold citizens who were baying for his blood.

Returning to Paradise Lost to make a cake, May13 found Decks hiding in a pantry just as a group of rednecks came in looking for him.
When the rednecks tried to push their way past May13 and Fall, a rumble broke out, resulting in the hideous deaths of all but one, which Fall let escape.
Unfortunately, Decks was nowhere to be found after the scuffle.

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