May 13

cute, deadly and just a little touched in the head....


May 13 emerged from the vault about 18 months ago, with nothing more on her person that a pair of army issue boots she took from one of the dead keepers, a sheer cloth hospital-style gown and the pair of “gloves” that were being tested on her when the incident happened. May finds herself blinking in the harsh sun light at first as her eyes were accustomed to the neon flicker of the glow tubes in the underground LAB facility. She curiously made her way down the derelict streets weaving through rusted out wreaks and piles of mortar that had fallen from the cityscape above. A hour or so later, still wandering the deserted streets of the city, May found her 1st friend, a teddy bear, although a little dirty he seems in good condition when compared to the lifeless and damaged building that crested her on both sides.

Ted as he is now aptly named is recognizable to those from another era as a Teddy Ruxpin doll, his cute features and red shirt still shining through the layers of grime that had built up on his coat over the years. It was him that “told” May to walk straight until she came to a tower and then to make it her home, so with no other point of reference in the harsh new world May 13 did just that…

May 13, or at least she guesses that is her name as her keepers used to referrer to her as such or as simply #13. This combined with the transparent hospital style bracelet that was on her wrist when she first emerged into the outside world, with MAY 13 and a bar code stamped on it lead her to her new name. The same bar code in fact that is tattooed on the back of her neck…

As May is picking her way through the ruined streets, searching for her tower with Ted in tow, now safely tucked under her arm, she starts to “hear” voices, not from any direction but rather from in her own head. The message these new additions to her thoughts are conveying were less friendly, with such ideas as “we gonna fuck her, kill her n then eat her” “hmmm gonna have me sum ah dat sweet peach” Now this was not the first time May had picked up on surface thoughts of people meaning her harm, there had been similar issues with some of the keepers in the LAB, one had acted on his urges and let us just say he were unsuccessful and he would never get the chance to think such thoughts or walk again. So when 5 straggly looking men emerged from the shrouded blown out frontages of nearby building May was not surprised.

As the ring leader confidently walks up to her, as his allies loop around each side of her to block her escape route, he is somewhat taken back as the slim girl with the short hair cut address him by his first name, even though he none of his party has utter a word as of yet… “Now, Jose what would your mother say, she raised you to worship the Jesus-man like a nice boy.” Stunted with factoid from long forgotten past the ring leader freezes as May strides up to him and simply lays a single index finger on the mans forehead. The other scavengers watch in disbelief and a little terror as they see and hear, their unofficial leader clench his jaw so hard his teeth start to shatter and he falls to the ground dead, with red gore leaking from his ears.

One of the onlookers reacts faster than his counter parts and rushes May from behind, who without making a sound spins on the ball of her left foot while bringing the heel of her right up to meet the oncoming man’s face, driving the cartilage of his noise through his frontal lobe.

Unfortunately for May it is now a numbers game, and she is not on the winning side. As the others close in and start pounding her with fists and feet she is knocked to the ground in a bloody mess. It is not the kicks and jabs that are hurting her however it is the music blaring in her skull, as it gets louder, a huge pressure grows betweens her temples and for the 1st time since leaving the LAB May is afraid.

One of the men is removing he trousers while the other two hold her down, pinned in place she can hardly see straight the music is so loud… then silence… and to May 13 the pressure is instantly gone and she can see clearly again. Just in time to see the men raise their hands to their ears, like they are trying to block out some deafening sound that is not really there. A wave of pressure washes over all of them, it’s source the stuffed bear that is resting in the middle of the street 10 or so meters away. As it crests over the men, they cry out in an inaudible primal gasp and fall to the ground, dead.

May is frantic this is the 1st time she has felt such a pain in her body that had not been caused by the dreaded tests at the LAB or at the hands of the keepers. So she runs, she runs until her chest it tight and her legs burn. She comes crashing down kilometres away in a sobbing mess, her one friend in this new world lying god knows where back in the middle of some hellish street surrounded by dead men. That night May curls into a ball and sobs herself to sleep.

In the morning she awakes to find her head is clear and although her bruised body hurts, her spirits are high as she rolls over to see a certain teddy Ruxpin doll laying next to her….
Only minutes later May 13 discovers she was, in fact sleeping in the foyer on the building she is soon to call home… funny how things work out….

May 13

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